Friday, January 23, 2009

Shelley's Service Project Philippines

According to Alyssa an exchange student from the Philippines, who we met during our dinner at JNJ Turo-Turo, the Filipino children love to receive American chocolate. Despite the team's concern over getting chocolate to the islands, I have organized donations from local businesses such as Shaw's of Auburn and Walgreen's of Worcester in order to have my first grade students participate in a service project. The Massachusetts first graders have packed little candy bags for their Filipino counterparts. They also attached small notes and a drawing of themselves. I hope the project promotes global awareness for both my American students and the Filipino recipients. I know that it was a success in my classroom because not one of my students asked to have a piece of the candy. They understood that it was to give and they felt good about it. As for getting the candy to the islands…well, I am still working on it. I am freezing the chocolate and I have purchased insulated bags. Any ideas beyond that are greatly appreciated. -Shelley
(Above Left: Jocelyn, a Massachusetts first grader, fills a bag with chocolate kisses for her Filipino friends.)


  1. hi shelly, chocolates okey to get here, in case customs ask, just tell them its for donation to children you are going to visit...they might get squeezed in between your things in the luggage but you can arrange it when you get here, once you find a fridge, just put them in and give them later when they are chilled and looks okey hehehe normally, cousins who come around from abroad buy chocolates already from the duty free shop..but with what you have and especially made, it's a special treat to would be recipients hehe goodluck..

  2. Megs, is that you writing from Kalibo club? Thanks for supporting my chocolate mission. I also received positive reinforcement at the Northeast Link this past weekend. I am so excited to bring the notes from my students. We bagged up more candy last Friday and they just love to give. You get...that is what Beth Johnson of the Auburn Club has always taught us. Peace! -Shelley