Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amazing Antique

Max B. here with another update from the GSE Philippines crew! We've completed our stay in San Jose, Antique, and man was that a blast! I got to tour a pair of local cable stations, where I was interviewed about my trip and experiences. Later that day I went to the DYKA radio station, where I once again spoke about how amazing this trip has been. It's a strange role reversal, a reporter being questioned, but it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to hear it.

I also visited a museum dedicated to the life of Gov. Evelio Javier. He was an oppositionist to the authority of President Ferdinand Marcos, for which he was assisinated on Feb. 11, 1986. It's said his assisination was what fueled the fire to start the People Power/Philippine EDSA Revolution that year. It was an experience that made me stop and think. For someone to take a stand knowing the risk, that's a rare kind of courage, and a rarer devotion to helping others.

Afterwards we went to a sugar factory. The festivities ended with the team (minus Doug) taking a ride on a water buffolo. Later that night we attended a Rotary meeting and partied late into the night at a karaoke bar. As always , it was too little time spent in another great city. We've got pics galore, so stay tuned!

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