Sunday, February 8, 2009


Mabuhay everyone, Jon here.  As the Filipino American on the trip, I felt it necessary to say hello in Tagalog.

After arriving in the Philippines, I have to say that I'm on the same page as Max.  Everything is amazing and just from our experiences so far I could see me staying here.  Where did I put my passport?  Just kidding.  Everyone keeps telling me about the Mangoes here and it wasn't until I had some at the airport in Manila that I can see what they're talking about.  Yes, that's right, the airport.  And I don't even eat much fruit.  Since then, I've consumed Mango shakes, Mango juice from a can and I think the masseuses from last night used Mango oil.

They've given us so much food that I'm starting to think that all Filipinos, including myself, have huge appetites.  We've had all sorts of food including Lumpia, Lechon Sisig, Bangus, Tocino, and it was all good.  Even the San Miguel beer tasted better here than in the States.  

I just got a call from my host parents that, for my vocational experiences, I'll be visiting with students studying film as well as the ABS-CBN television station in Zamboanga.  So that is absolutely amazing to me.  We just got here and I can see this trip being packed with fun and many memorable experiences.  But that's the update for now and I can see myself going on so I'll say goodbye for now and until next time.

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