Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zamboanga Images by Shelley


  1. Great pictures Shelley - Keep them coming for us back home watching you all! Be safe...The Gowaski's of Auburn.

  2. Sheila, Aidan, and Family: I am so glad you are watching the blog. GUESS WHAT?! A student from Zamboanga received Aidan's note that was attached to a bag of candy. She already wrote back to Aidan and GOT HIM A SMALL PRESENT that was made in her village. This is a true symbol of the exchange and I can't wait to give Aidan his gift. I can only hope that more Filipino students will write to the Auburn first graders. I hope you guys are enjoying vacation. Call cousin Matt and say hello for me. Love, Shelley

  3. Checking your blog every few days
    Finally figured how to post!
    Matthew has lots of questions about where the Phillipines are in the world - he found it on the globe and decided that it must have taken you a week to get there :))
    The Bregman's