Friday, February 6, 2009

Fingers crossed for the next 48 hours

Hey everyone, its about 5 in the morning and I finally have everything packed and ready to go.  Our flight is leaving in about eight hours from now and with well over a day of traveling ahead of us, I decided to get my sleep at a much higher altitude than I currently am now.  With an itinerary that seems to change by the minute and faith that everything will all work out in the end the excitement is ever growing for me to finally go to the root of my ethnicity, the Philippine Islands.  With that in mind, many of the group I'm traveling with has been preparing for the trip for about a couple months, yet I sit here typing with the knowledge that mine has been much longer.  

From learning to dance Tinikling to finding a family once lost for decades to me; studying Tagolog and understanding why they call it chocolate meat; my participation in the Rotary Club's GSE team was not my first step towards understanding where I come from but rather the most important one.  So much so, that I offered to document our travels while overseas.  With me being the actor/videographer it's only prudent for me to make a film.  So to take a look at a video of what we've gone through for the past five weeks press play on the attached file.  



  1. Nice job on the video! I see you had Skip do photos for you, any chance you can post them so we know who you are?

    Have a great trip!

  2. awsome Travers Family give our shout outs to you to see more pics and maybe some how be able to download the movies you make....