Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shelley Visits Schools

My favorite part of the trip is visiting the schools. I brought one of my favorite books, The Rainbow Fish, and whenever possible I read to the classes that I visit. The kids ooh and ahh as I show them the shiny pages and they learn the importance of sharing. Then the students make their own rainbow fish to hang in the classroom. I brought shiny silver sticky paper to make their poster shiny, too!

As you can see, a good time was had by all!


  1. Happy Birthday, Shelley
    Hope you don't have any discipline problems.
    If you do, call me for advice. Keep up the good work!
    Dad Gail Jack & Dude

  2. Dad, Gail, Jack, and Dude....HI....thanks for the birthday wishes. No discipline problems here in the Philippines. The children are ultra respectful and so happy to meet an American teacher. I visited a special ed school in Antique and it was one of my most memorable moments. Four boys there simply need glasses. They put their eyeballs one half inch away from the paper so they can read it. I am worried about their posture. Anybody want to chip in and get these kids some spectacles? We'll talk when I get home. Love you and thanks for checking out our blog!